It isn’t about me, it’s all about you!

But off course you would like to get to know the person behind the camera…which is logical, because without a connection between you and the photographer a shoot isn’t that much fun!

My name is Kris Vanraes. I once started with an analog single lens reflex, but quickly converted to producing my own color and black and white pictures to finally switch to a digital single lens reflex.

What I love doing most? Model and concert photography.

What once started as a hobby, quickly became something wonderful. A hobby gone rogue!

Your wish is my command

The photoshoot will reflect how you glow, smile or will show your dreamy gaze. But most of all, how beautiful you truly are. A lot of people think they do not take well on picture, but so far nobody was able to prove that while being in front of my camera. I gladly accept the challenge!

 The atmosphere I create in my photos are a result of noticing the lighting, blurry backgrounds, funny details and detailed photoshopping. But the most important off course is you! I photograph mostly with my gut and my well-trained techniques. And those together with you are the only ingredients which are needed for an amazing photoshoot

Maybe we’ll meet soon?